August 15, 2021by admin

Hello, I’m Amoon, and I’ve been a dance instructor at Dance Prestige for almost 4 years. I can say that music and dance have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, as they are the most sincere way for me to express myself.

The Fusion course is an invitation to discover your inner voice through movement. We will learn how to feel the music in emotions and how dance becomes a means of communication and a way to overcome personal barriers. We will explore the dance world, covering both dance steps, techniques, and concepts, as well as choreographies that encompass all of these.

I’m looking forward to having you in the course if you want to see dance from a different perspective, connect with music and yourself, all in a friendly environment where you’ll meet new people to share this experience with! 🤍

P.S. “I’m afraid of embarrassing myself,” “I don’t know how to dance,” “I feel anxious because I don’t have anyone to come to the class with” – if these are the thoughts holding you back from joining, don’t worry; fusion is a safe space where we learn to give time to this process (nobody is born knowing), no one embarrasses themselves because they’re learning something new, and you’ll definitely make friends with other participants through teamwork and dance interactions.”🤟