January 24, 2024by admin

With 4 months of experience in LA, @tatian.gavrila wants to bring the passion for dancing in heels to Romania. 👠The class focuses on beginners level,technique and basic steps but also on building self-esteem, the courage to shine in heels, and mobility.


In 2023, Tatian trained alongside very known choreographers like Darius Hickman Aliya Janell , Natsuki Miya and more. During this period, he participated in an intensive mentorship program guided by Cameron Lee.✨

In his time in Dubai, he secured various contracts in the Middle East’s commercial sector, involving TV shows, music videos, commercials, and even engaged in musical theatre aboard a cruise ship. Currently, he is a part of the musicals Chicago and MammaMia.

Let’s not forget his accumulated experience over the years in Bucharest, collaborating with top artists in the music industry and contributing to ballet performances featured in TV shows such as Vocea Romaniei, Te Cunosc De Undeva, Romanii Au Talent, X – Factor, and more.