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✘ Explore the infinite and beyond ✘

Planet Paradox stands for the self exploration of the creative individual. Every dancer is on a path of discovery, exploring their own dance. Planet Paradox serves as a guide for those dancers who seek for more. Dance and music is the world we explore, Planet Paradox is the map leading to new ways.

Take off on a 4 hour experience through mindful movement in an intensive
dance workshop, made for dancers who want to learn freestyle or are ready to take their skills to the next level. Through various practice methods, exercises and dance philosophy, the students are given tools to build up their body and mind in dance.

✘ Program✘
16:00 – 20:00

✘ Tarife Early Bird ✘
Limita pentru transfer 9 februarie
1 workshop 120 RON
Full Pack (2 workshops – 3h + 1h lecture) 200 RON

✘ Tarife dupa 9 februarie ✘
1 workshop (1h30) 150 RON
Full Pack (2 workshops – 3h + 1h lecture) 250 RON

✘ How to confirm rezervation ✘
1. Trimite nume/participanti + pachet ales la
2. Achita pachetul ales la receptia noastra sau prin virament bancar la contul :
Simona Mereu

✘ Location ✘
Casa de Balet – Tineretului

✘ Covered in the workshops ✘
Topics such as:
∞Textures in dance
∞Bounce, Groove, Rock
∞Movement Philosophy
∞Building freestyle from scratch

1 hour lecture and Q&A:
∞Origins of Freestyle
∞The purpose of Dance

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