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Creative mover educated in multiple styles with emphasis on contemporary and improvisation. Through the skills which I have developed so far, I can succesfully creative direct performances and express ideas and stories through movement.

Dancer experience

Unique Dance Studio Oradea 2009-2017
This represents the beginning of my formal dancer training. Throughout those years I have been trained as a competitional dancer. I have been trained in multiple street dance substyles such as hip hop, vogueing, waacking, locking, krump etc. Throughout those years I have participated in multiple national dance competitions in the solo,duo and crew categories. Having trained so much in a crew environment I have observed and acquired the skills necessary to teach choreography pieces and to put together choreographies.

Transylvania Dance Academy 2017-2020
I started teaching classes as an assistant-choreographer for one of the crews that was part of this studio and also choreographed competitional segments for other crews from the studio. Through this experience I had the opportunity to develop my own teaching approach. These were also the years I have discovered contemporary dance and started occasionally training in contemporary.


Workshops I have attended
Millennium Dance Complex Los Angeles 2019
I had the opportunity to travel and train in Los Angeles for 2 weeks, taking classes from Jojo Gomez, Alexander Chung and Hamilton Evans.
Improve Yourself Intensives 1 & 2. 2020
Throughout these intensives I have been introduced to and taught the foundations of improvisation dancing, methods and exercises to further improve my ability to improvise. The skills I have gained from these intensives have very much influenced my personal dance style and teaching approach when teaching my contemporary classes.

MoveMeant Journey 2021
I have attended MoveMeant Journey which is a contemporary dance camp in Krakow. I had the opportunity to train for 8 days with some of the best teachers from the contemporary dance scene such as Julia Spiesser, Lukas McFarlane, Alex Komulainen and Cat Cogliandro, while also taking some jazz and choreography classes.


Teaching experiencesUnique Dance Camp Oradea 2018,2020,2021 Project 88 Intensive Vol.1 Cluj Napoca
Unique Dance Studio Contemporary Training 2022
On the span of one and a half month I have trained and prepared a group of 12 girls from Unique Dance Studio for a contemporary dance video which I have creative directed.